Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So you're done with the Buttonholes

I see there are several post regarding the February Lady from folks who have gotten done with their buttonholes. If you are like me, you probably thought that the yoke looks pretty small. Well, I've measured mine. I'm doing the second size and normally wear a sweater with a finished size of 36"-38". If you measure from the front neck edge down to the end of the garter stitch, you will probably get something around 6" before you start the lace. Another way to measure is on the diagonal "seam". That measured 7 1/2" for me. It's hard to measure the actual armhole opening at this point because it's still on the needles.

Remember, it may look better to complete the 3 more rows of garter stitch without the increases before you do the eyelet row. Just a matter of opinion. . .

You'll probably really enjoy the lace after all that garter stitch. It's an easy pattern to get into your head and the knitting goes really fast.

I'd love to see pics of your works in progress.

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  1. I did save the eyelet row for after the last 3 garter stitch rows and like the result. I've separated the sleeves and completed a couple of rows of lace.

    I'm already thinking about a March knit along. My vote is for Mr. Greenjeans......found in Knitty.com. It has been fun to come into the shop and see other February Lady's in progress and to talk about it.